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Welcome To The Bitcoin Island

Freedom. If there is one word, one value to describe the spirit of Malta. A tiny rock surrounded by water may seem a bit limiting on first glance. What makes Malta such a free place is the power and richness of its history. Malta withstood many sieges and attacks throughout history. A story goes that, during the second world war, when Germans dropped bombs, inhabitants of the sister Island Gozo where just standing on their balconies fearlessly watching the bombs go down.

It’s a special place and you can best understand the Maltese way when you joined the Island and the people for a while. Up until today, the Maltese people have kept a mentality and sense of freedom and independence. 

In past years, the idea of the bitcoin standard evolved and spread in Malta. Economic and strategic advantages as well as cultural and social improvements as side effects of a bitcoin economy are a compelling vision. Malta’s future with a bitcoin standard is bright, beautiful and bold. If the Maltese people embrace bitcoin, the Island will be able to create wealth and prosperity unprecedented in history. Bitcoin is the dawn of a new era of freedom, peace and prosperity. 

Welcome to the Bitcoin Island.


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