bitcoin club malta anniversary dinner 2023



On a rainy November in 2016…

It was already dark outside when a projector was turned on and drinks were put on ice in an old farmhouse close to the end of a Gozitan village. An atmosphere of excitement and uncertainty was in the air. What will this evening bring, what ideas, decisions, relationships could spark off? Seven remnants gathered that night and our first Bitcoin Meetup will be remembered forever.

In the following years, the meetup would grow and evolve. From 300 attendees at the 2017 peak, to open mics in Valletta, weekend boat trips and a competition between Adam Back and Bank of Valletta’s Kenneth Farrugia — Malta always had a place for Bitcoiners.

To celebrate the 7 years since our first meetup, we are inviting our friends and peers to the anniversary event.

December 14th starting 6PM @ Don Royale Malta (menu)

Please regiser with the link below as capacity will be limited.