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Bitcoin Advent Calendar – Become Expert In 24 Days

How great that you read these lines. You have made the decision to invest more time to educate yourself about bitcoin.

Let’s use the time until Christmas, to expand our expertise and knowledge. This is the purpose the Bitcoin Advent Calendar serves.

Maybe you already own bitcoin but are unsure about its long-term potential. Or you suddenly realized that bitcoin is much more than what you thought it is. Or you just got a recommendation to take a proper look at it again. No matter where you are coming from, this journey will change your life forever.

To truly understand bitcoin, most experts agree on two things. First, it takes at least a year to fully connect all the necessary dots, understand the underlying economic principles, game theoretic and technical aspects of bitcoin. Second, it’s a deep rabbit hole which may swallow you for a longer period than you’d expect.

Thankfully, you will be in good company. Bitcoiners are a great bunch of thinkers, doers, changemakers and philosophers and there is an ever growing amount of high quality content out there – all for free. Sounds shady, we know, but it’s not. It’s open-source so you can do your own research and make up your own mind…

So let’s get this started. Every day until Christmas day, we will release a new link or source to quality bitcoin content. Those are the content charts of bitcoin and some of the best sources you can read up, listen to or watch. All of these sources are crafted and approved by the world’s brightest bitcoin experts such as Adam Back, Saifdean Ammous, Robert Breedlove, Michael Saylor, Stephan Livera, Preston Pysh and many many more.



The Bullish Case for Bitcoin

An evergreen paper that is one of the most shared sources for beginners. It explains the value theory, hype-cycles, history, bootstrap mechanism and game-theory behind bitcoin. Written by Vijay Boyapati

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My 133 favorite quotes from “The Bitcoin Standard”

Right after the release of Saifedean Ammous classic “The Bitcoin Standard”, a french bitcoiner by the name Yorick published a beautiful collection of the book’s finest quotes. An excellent way to take a first look at this MUST READ.

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Bitcoin Sign guy pranks yellen

A small guesture with a big impact. One day in July 2017 coindesk wrote, “a bitcoiner scratched his manifesto on a legal pad, stuck his finger in the eye of the powers that be and went from man to meme.” Small things matter. We love it.


Gradually, Then Suddenly –  Parker Lewis

A classic short article that explains what money is and why printing too much money causes many problems. An absolute must read for every bitcoin learner.

While I worked at Deutsche Bank during the financial crisis, I had no baseline to understand what was actually happening. Ten years later, and after having worked in the restructuring world and at a macro hedge fund, only then did I start to develop a more clear understanding of what had really transpired in 2008 and 2009.”

The volatility witnessed today is nothing more than the logical path of price discovery as adoption increases by orders of magnitude and as we advance toward that future state of full adoption.”

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Max Kaiser in 2013: “Well first of all it’s up 200% this year”

Max is a hero who has been committed to the truth and is respected for keeping a straight line. He talked about bitcoin since the first days and is responsible for a great deal of bitcoin education. Already in 2013 he commented: “This rise in bitcoin shows you the real effects of money printing that’s going on.” Max is always worth a listen, thank you Max.


One of the best websites to start learning about bitcoin is Here you find recommendations for must read books and a collection of other articles and media. Certainly one of the most comprehensive collections out there and the you don’t even have to spend money because it is open source.

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Michael Saylor interviewed by John Vallis

If you haven’t heard of Michael Saylor and haven’t seen an interview with him, this is one of the best things to start your bitcoin journey. A great piece of bitcoin content that can teach you a lot about the mindset of a billionaire hodler.



Speciality Door:

The power and influence of internet tech giants is greater than ever. Disrupt Search is on a mission to find new ways to disrupt online search and help you stay safe online. Besides being a platform and forum to connect with likeminded tech professionals, regular events are held to incite discussion on how to disrupt online search.




Bitcoin TV

Bitcoin TV is a 24h livestream with an amazing non-stop program of carefully curated bitcoin shows. It’s always up and running every single day. Yes, every day, 24h the whole year. Crazy, huh? Like a real tv channel just better. If you don’t know what to watch or listen to, BitcoinTV is here for you. Just click on the link and tune in.



The Shopping Cart Meme

Opposit to bitcoin, the supply of bitcoin memes is not limited. It is infinite as memetic warfare requires constanst adaption and innovaiton. One of the absolute classics and in the eyes of the editorial the best bitcoin meme ever, is the shopping car meme. It explains everything a newbie needs to know about bitcoin in one image.



Deeper Down The Rabbit Hole – Knut Svanholm

People always ask “When is the top in?” But they never ask “What if there is no top?” Knut Svanholm is author of the fantastic book “Sovereignty through mathematics” and publishes articles on a regular basis. In this piece he explores the idea that the value of bitcoin is infinite as the economy never stops advancing but the supply of bitcoin is strictly limited. “There’s no way out of the rabbit hole, and it seems bottomless. But daring to descend it is the best thing you can do with your time.” It’s a must read for every bitcoin holder to understand the long-term potential of bitcoin.


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Hyperbitcoinization – Nakamoto Institute

When a superior currency outperforms an inferior currency, then it’s hyperbitcoinization. This article published back in 2014 is a classic by now and recommended as a must read by every bitcoiner. Hyperbitcoinization is coming soon to your neighborhood so you better learn what the word means and how you can prepare.

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HODL WAVES – Dhruv bansal

Bitcoin analysis is a fascinating because it allows us to understand the user behavior and market dynamics much better. The Hodl Waves analysis was first published and coined by Dhruv Bansal in in 2018. It shows the UTOX age distribution which means the time bitcoins are kept on a wallet. If a large part of bitcoin’s total supply is not moved over a period of time, that could indicate more people are hodling bitcoin for the long-term. We love the HODLWAVE analysis and think everyone interested in bitcoin has to understand it.




The Rise Of the individual – Aleks Svetski

This article is a great read if you are looking at bitcoin from a political perspective. More and more people feel helpless against draconian government regulations that have little respect for the problems of the people. Bitcoin is the revolution that empowers people to improve their lives and communities without being controlled or supervised by a regime or government that stopped to care about citizens and interests of the people.

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Bitcoin is not optional – saifedean ammous

Saifedean Ammous, author of “The Bitcoin Standard” has given many great keynotes and this particular excerpt if of special significance as we find. Bitcoin adoption must not be compared to the adoption of smartphones or other products but rather to a technology such as gunpowder. Basically all recordings of Saifedean Ammous are worth the time bit start with this bite and move on from there.



Noded Podcast with Trace Mayer

Th noded podcast with it’s hosts Michael Goldstein and Pierre Rochard has never disappointed. This episode with starguest Trace Mayer is a great start to understand the bitcoiner mindset and learn from some of bitcoins best and brightest.

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Stephan livera podcast with jack dorsey and elizabeth stark

And another podcast can’t be missed in this list. It’s the Stephan Livera Podcast! Stephan has interviewed everyone and everything in bitcoin and it’s a must listen for anyone who wants to stay updated or join the bitcoin universe. In this episode Stephan talks to twitter founder Jack Dorsey as well as ceo of Lightning Labs Elizabeth Stark.

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Don’t look at the highs, look at the lows – anthony Pompliano

Anthony, or Pomp as he goes on social media has been invited to many investment talks on public TV and always ensured bitcoin is explained accurately and eloquently. Anthony always drinks enough coffee before the show goes on air so he can answer faster than any of the moderators are even able to comprehend or think. Well done, Pomp.



Everything they told you about bitcoin is a lie –  giacomo zucco

Gicacomo is another stronghold of bitcoin purism and a real knight when it comes to call out scams. On many appearances Giacomo has made clear why bitcoin matters and what most people misunderstand. His talk at the “Value of Bitcoin” conference is a must watch for people who are unsure if they should invest in blockchain or in bitcoin.



A TSUNAMI OF INNOVATION – Andreas Antonopoulos

Andreas has become a legend with his talent to present beautiful bitcoin keynotes. Despite his Ethereum affairs, which earned him a lot of critique, Andreas old talks are timeless classics and you should not miss out. Watch below:




“Oh, you foolish Alice!” she said again, “how can you learn lessons in here? Why, there’s hardly room for you, and no room at all for any lesson-books!” Der Gigi is the name of one of bitcoin’s most loved writers. He shares his views on his blog and has published a book under the name “21 Lessons – What I’ve Learned from Falling Down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole”. And because Der Gigi is a great guy, he gave free access for everyone to read the book. 

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Saifedean Ammous “The fiat standard”  First chapter

Saifedean has been on our calendar already in the very beginning. Now you can take a sneak peak into his new book “The Fiat Standard”. We can assure you this book will be on your reading list after taking a first taste. And it will probably become a bitcoin classic in due time, just like Saifedeans former book “The Bitcoin Standard”.


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The Bitcoin white paper

The bitcoin white paper is the versy beginning of the bitcoin experiment and hence should not be missing. Many believe it will be referenced in every history book as one the world’s most important technical publications. Eventhough it is very technical you should still try read through, decrypt and understand it as someone interested in bitcoin.


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Thank you for joining us on this advent calendar journey, we hope you had as much fun waiting for new doors open as it was fun for us to prepare them. We also hope you could learn valuable lessons and improve your bitcoin knowledge through all these great pieces, articles and videos. Through the holidays you may enjoy reading, learning and especially sharing among family and friends.

The biggest gift you can make to your loved ones is that of bitcoin. And bitcoin might be more about education and “asking questions” than actually sending satoshis. Because asking questions is the only way to reach higher levels of understanding the world (and bitcoin). Asking the right question can be a powerful method to start and interesting conversation, stimulate new thinking or even resolve a conflict… “Can printing money really create more goods and services?”, “What’s the difference betwen counterfeit fraud and credit expansion”, “Is this really worth fighting over?” just to give you some inspiration.

Credit goes of course to all authors, thinkers and contributors that make bitcoin what it is today. The most fascinating global online community we’ve every had. We are grateful that so many bright minds have pubslished their views and opinions for us to learn and discuss.

Now for our final door could think of only one thing that would be appropriate: the gift of bitcoin. We will gift bitcoin to you if you write us a private message on Twitter.

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